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"Always in hot water!"
SAVE WATER! At ONLY $179.95, the eco friendly Hot Water Lobster Instant Hot Water Valve provides
faster hot water which
saves water, saves energy and saves time.  How long does it take for hot water
to get to your faucet or shower?  A lot of precious water is wasted down the drain while waiting for hot
water.  Even worse is the cost to heat the cold replacement water, which enters your house at the cold
ground temperature.

HOW IT WORKS! When the water in your hot water pipe and the Hot Water Lobster control valve cools
below the user adjustable temperature (77-140 F. degrees), the thermal materials within the
Water Lobster
control valve contract and silently open the valve.  Thermal convection within your hot
water tank naturally circulates the cooled water through your existing cold water pipes and back to    
the hot water tank for reheating.  Your existing hot water tank now uses less energy reheating the
warm water instead of cold ground temperature water.  When fresh hot water enters your hot water
pipe and reaches the
Hot Water Lobster control valve, the valve automatically closes.  This maintains
hot water at the control valve without wasting water or wasting energy.  Turn on your faucet or shower;
and you get instant hot water instead of wasting it down the drain!  Installing the
Hot Water Lobster
instant hot water control valve at the fixture furthest from your hot water tank (as shown in the
installation diagram) will provide faster hot water to all of the fixtures in your house.

NO ELECTRICITY NECESSARY! The Hot Water Lobster is all mechanical and designed to provide an
electricity free solution to maintain hot water at the tap.  This makes installation a snap (in less than
10 minutes).  Other hot water solutions require the use of electricity and pumps that make installation
difficult and the pumps are often noisy and wear out in 2-4 years.

MORE HOT WATER! Adds as much as 10% more capacity to your current hot water system (by
keeping the water in your hot water pipes hot!).

KEEP PIPES FROM FREEZING!     The Hot Water Lobster instant hot water valve automatically allows
water in your pipes to circulate when the control valve cools below the set temperature (even when
your electricity goes out).

REDUCES CONDENSATION! The Hot Water Lobster instant hot water valve reduces condensation on
pipes and toilets basins.

MAINTENANCE FREE! The Hot Water Lobster has a solid brass valve body with an adjustable thermal
controlled mechanical stainless steel valve stem enclosed in a mounting box.

EASY INSTALLATION! The Hot Water Lobster comes complete with the mounting box, 4 sets  of 12"
flexible water lines and standard brass fitting.  All pre-assembled and tested for an easy 10-minute

STATISTICS! *A typical family wastes approximately 12,000-17,000 gallons of water annually waiting
for warm water to reach the tap.                 
*as determined by GAMA (Gas Appliance Manufactures Association)

Note: Circulation of water by thermal convection must not be restricted (no check-valves) between the
hot water tank and the Hot Water Lobster Instant Hot Water Valve.
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Green Hot Water
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             New Patented Hot Water Recirculation System
                                   Reduces Utility Bills

Waiting for Hot Water is a common problem: turn on the faucet or shower for hot
water, then wait for it to arrive. With this eco-friendly and patented Hot Water
Lobster Instant Hot Water Valve in place, there’s no more wait. Instant hot water!

Waiting for hot water sends millions of gallons of cooled water down the drain
each year. In fact, an average family wastes up to 17,000 gallons of water each
year waiting for hot water.*

Installing this innovative new technology for your customer provides hot water
recirculation that saves water, saves energy, is convenient to use and easy to
install (not requiring pipe cutting or electrical wiring). This system is typically
used on retrofits but may also be installed on new construction. It consists of an
eco-friendly temperature controlled thermal convection powered hot water
recirculation valve installed under the plumbing fixture farthest from the water
heater. To save hot water, the system contains a sensor, which opens the valve
only when the water temperature drops below the adjustable temperature setting
providing faster hot water when you need it.

*Source: Dept. of Energy study.

American Company Introduces New Device
      to Protect Consumers From Smart Meter Radiation

In an effort to protect consumers from radiation emitted by smart meters,
this new innovative patented pending device is designed to help shield
consumers from the radiation emitted by their smart meters.

Now consumers have one more level of protection from the potentially harmful radiation
emitted by smart meters. The RF Meter Shield is a new patent pending design that is
woven with a special blend of metallic materials which provide flexibility for easy
installation on all smart meters. These proprietary materials aid in the containment and
absorption of potentially harmful RF radiation & EMF radiation. The remaining RF
radiation & EMF radiation in contained by the smart meter's existing metal enclosure.

Up until now there were only 2-choices if you wanted to avoid smart meter radiation:
Opting Out (the utilities charge an extra service fee amounting to over $90.00 annually),
or purchasing a cumbersome, custom fit, metal enclosure (difficult to install and often
costing over $120.00).  

With the RF Meter Shield, protection from potentially harmful RF radiation & EMF
radiation emitted by smart meters is only $21.95. The RF Meter Shield reduces RF &
EMF radiation by up to 99 %. It has a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and a 5-Year
Parts and Labor Warranty.

The RF Meter Shield is easy to install: Slip the RF Meter Shield over the smart meter's
glass cover. Internal elastic securely holds the RF Meter Shield in place. RF Meter
Shield Model: SX1000418 fits all smart meter glass covers up to a 6.5" diameter X 6.0"
long (all the smart meters currently manufactured). The elastic end of the RF Meter
Shield can be rolled-up to snuggly fit shorter glass covers.

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